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The Hindi word ‘Neev’ meaning foundation or base, in Sanskrit means ‘species of tree’ and in Irish it means Niamah (bright). Neev – The Foundation School has been born of this very idea, with an intent to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children as young as 18 months to 6 years, to flourish, be independent, confident and adventurous as they learn and grow.
Our state of art preschool in Siliguri has been thoughtfully planned and provides a warm and welcoming environment where all children receive personalized attention. Our institution is built on the belief that the essence of education lies in empowering children to recognize their enormous potential and that learning is a catalyst for drawing that out. We are committed to raising intelligent, compassionate and responsible citizens of tomorrow. We extend a warm welcome to you all to join us on this wondrous journey of self-discovery.
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The Neev Quotient

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

Sri Sri Academy is the only school in Siliguri that conducts these tests for all their students. Needless to mention, this facility has been extended to children enrolled at Neev – The Foundation School too, the Pre-Primary Wing of Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri. The aim of this test is to empower parents as well as facilitators to fully understand and respect individual differences of each child and plan and provide education and training accordingly.

Neevitan’s Activity Box

From the pioneers of early childhood education, comes for the first time ever in North Bengal, a box like no other! Specially for your child, every month! Designed and prepared by our team of child experts, each box contains theme based and STEAM based activities which are not only stimulating and entertaining but also helps satiate your child’s curiosity and need for knowledge.

Our Programmes

Munchkins (Toddler)

Munchkins (Toddler)

  • Age: 1.5 – 2.5 Years

    This wonderful age is all about learning life skills and developing motor skills – both fine motor and gross motor. No wonder play schools in Siliguri are much in demand. Toddler’s learn best through audio-visual methods. At our state of art Preschool in Siliguri we provide world class teaching aids that help in sensorial development. Our highly experienced faculty aid the restless toddlers to settle down, socialize with their friends and learn all about sharing and caring. A major chunk of our curriculum also deals with development of table manners, time management and vocabulary. A large playground with separate areas demarcated for a sensory path, a music wall and sand and water play is what makes our Preschool in Siliguri one of the most sought after for parents seeking preschool admissions.

Minions (Playgroup)

Minions (Playgroup)

  • Age: 2.5- 3.5 Years

    By the age of two and a half years children discover and enjoy the world of colours and love scribbling with crayons all over the place. This is the time to give a sense of direction to their enthusiasm and creativity. At our preschool in Siliguri, we introduce thematic based worksheets to our tiny tots. This is the first step towards learning the three R’S- Recognition, reading and writing. Colouring worksheets help them recognize animals, vegetables, fruits, family members and even parts of the body. This also aids in developing their vocabulary. Gradually we start familiarizing them with alphabets along with the phonic sounds of each letter. Once we find that the tripod grip is developing we start the process of pattern writing and tactile. Initially children find it difficult to hold a pencil and so we conduct many activities that help develop the pincer grip. With practice, they are able to trace patterns which later on help them in forming alphabets.



  • Age: 3.5- 4.5 Years

    Now that our Neevitan’s have grown up, we start off on formal schooling at our preschool in Siliguri. Our children learn numbers from 1-50 – both recognition and quantification and also do simple math operations like before, after, in between, addition and subtraction. We also initiate them into blending and decoding of CVC words phonetically so that they can read simple sentences. Since their pincer grip is well developed by now, we introduce cursive writing and by the end of the academic session, they are able to write both upper case and small case letters of the alphabet. At our preschool in Siliguri we believe in starting them young and hence even introduce them to Hindi and computers.



  • Age: 4.5-5.5 Years

    At our preschool in Siliguri, Kindergarteners become hugely self independent! By the time they pass out of this class, they become confident speakers, creative writers and independent readers. The many facilities present in our state of art preschool in Siliguri provides them with ample opportunities to discover, create and learn as they grow. They develop a sound base of all math operations and conduct scientific experiments that actually aid them in understanding the why’s and the how’s rather than simply gaining bookish knowledge. Apart from academics our children become adept at various sports and take keen interest in dance, drama and music.

Unlocking Minds and Igniting Imagination Even During the Lockdown through Virtual Learning

Ours is a learner centric school, always ready to accept change and adapt. When Covid 19 hit our shores and was subsequently followed by lockdowns, it seemed as though life had come to a halt. Many businesses faced closure and people lost their jobs. Amid all this, it is our children who were by far the most affected; schools were shut and they were confined within their homes. Having been in the education space for a substantial time, we knew we would find innovative ways not to just ‘keep in touch’ with our children but also keep them happy and stimulated. We understand the power of human connections and our team of early childhood educators have risen to the occasion by creatively leveraging resources to ensure that learning remains fun, so what if it is virtual learning. The country may be under lockdown, but at Neev – The Foundation School, learning can never be locked down.

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60 Years of Combined Faculty Experience
2000 Hours went into Research and Planning of Curriculum
200 Consultations with Early Childhood Educators regarding Best Practices
500 Virtual Classes Conducted since the Beginning of the Current Academic Session

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